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So ideally how would you like the world to be? Who'd be in power? If anyone

thisisnotjapan answered:

You must be white.  Always going back to this assumption that someone/some group MUST have power over others even in an “ideal” world.  Benevolent power holder(s) is an illusion made by those with power so that they can absolve themselves of guilt at the inherent inequality they benefit from.



okay anybody who hasn’t played dragon quest 8 is seriously missing out

to recap: the princess has been turned into a horse by a curse and can only talk to the hero in his dreams, she’s set to marry prince charmless (who beat her as a horse) and at this point it looks like the end of the world

this scene is the most freaking adorable thing in the entire game and you should go out and buy it right now

  • poor person: help i need money
  • rich person: why dont you sell your computer
  • poor person: firstly you act as if someone is guaranteed to buy my computer. i can put it on ebay or amazon or craigslist but i'm not guaranteed to get someone who wants it and stores often dont want used shit unless they give me a shitty price for it.
  • poor person: secondly computers have become a necessity rather than a luxury and you're lying to yourself severely if you say that it hasn't considering how virtually everything has to be done online nowadays from paying bills to applying for jobs.
  • poor person: thirdly did you know that selling my computer will not solve all of my problems it will only put about $80 - $250 into my pocket considering it's fucking used its not like i'm going to suddenly gain a steady flow of income upon selling my computer but yeah keep that smug look on your face as if "sell ur computer then" was some ingenious idea that i've never fucking thought of before


I’m seeing so many unhappy back to school posts on my dash, and I think the really shitty thing is that your high school teachers are telling you that they’re pushing you so hard for college, and your college prof’s aren’t telling you anything because they know too much— and…